MSc seminar NA2+4 (BMETE11MF48/50), 2018/19 spring

Place, time

The classes are in room F3M01 (building F, entrance III, Theoretical Phsyics Seminar room) every Friday, between 12:15 and 13:45. The seminars are lead by Titusz Fehér (Dept. of Physics, e-mail: tif@on.this.server).


Any advanced topic in physics, preferably with a focus on fundamental aspects. Your diploma thesis is welcome. The title of the talks should be finalized at latest when you send me the first version of your slides (see Requirements below).


The form of presentations


Week of
Date Speaker #1 (Topic) Speaker #2 (Topic)
1. 2019.02.08. Instructor (Introductory talk) Instructor (Scheduling the first few talks)
2. 2019.02.15. Balogh László (Experimental study of the magnetic skyrmion phase) Molnár Dániel (Analogue signal and image processing with large memristor crossbars)
3. 2019.02.22. Balogh Nóra (Networks in Nanotechnology) Vargha Noémi (Looking for point defects in hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) nanolayers)
4. 2019.03.01. Frajna Eszter (Correlation of heavy and light flavours in simulations) (reserved)
5. 2019.03.08. Abishev Anuar (Characterization of unstable laser beams with hyperbolas methods) Sági Olivér (Investigation of the magnetic state of K+/Kryptofix/PTP crystal)
6. 2019.03.15. (national holiday)
2019.03.22. (spring holidays)
7. 2019.03.29. Kedves Máté (Proximity spin–orbit coupling in graphene) Török Tímea (Computer simulation of ON and OFF states in TiO2 based memristors)
8. 2019.04.05. Ágostházy Orsolya (Nanotechnology in water treatment) Tóth Boglárka (Investigation of the complex magnetic structure of BiFeO3 above room temperature)
9. 2019.04.12. Márffy Albin (Towards investigation of Van der Waals heterostructures under pressure) Sinkó Csaba (A general memristor-based partial differential equation solver)
10. 2019.04.19. (Good Friday)
11. 2019.04.26. Krisztián Dávid (Noise measurements in SiO2-graphene memristive system) Tamási-Böttger Rebeka (Investigation of Standard Model)
12. 2019.05.03. Kürtössy Olivér (Superconducting nanocircuits: Josephson junctions) Schuller Érica (Development of flow cells for malaria diagnosis)
13. 2019.05.10. Kocsis Mátyás (Termination-dependent surface properties of BiTeX) Mucza Szilvia (Effect of drug treatment on the formation of malaria pigment crystals)
14. 2019.05.17. Chargaoui Mohamed (Enhanced piezoelectric response of AlN via CrN alloying) Kenda Lucky (Mems thin film piezoelectric acoustic transducer for cochlear implant applications)


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