MSc seminar NA1+3 (BMETE11MF47/49), 2019/20 fall

Place, time

The classes are in room CHA11 (building CH, basement, room #11) every Friday, between 12:15 and 13:45. The seminars are lead by Titusz Fehér (Dept. of Physics, e-mail: tif@on.this.server).

Each team is welcome to select a date for their presentations here on a first come, first served basis. NA3 students will also be able to choose the question of the final exam they intend to present.


Any advanced topic in physics, preferably with a focus on fundamental aspects. Your diploma thesis is welcome. The title of the talks should be finalized at latest when you send me the first version of your slides (see Requirements below). Specially for NA3 students: before your talk you have to select a final examination question as well.


The form of presentations


Week of semester Date Speaker(s) Topic
1. 2019.09.13. Instructor Introductory talk
2. 2019.09.20. Instructor Optional consulting
3. 2019.09.27. Balogh (Q6/2), Vargha (Q6/1) A fully integrated reprogrammable memristor–CMOS system for efficient multiply–accumulate operations
4. 2019.10.04. Tamási-Böttger, Tóth
5. 2019.10.11.
6. 2019.10.18. Badeeb, Bató
7. 2019.10.25. Kalmár
8. 2019.11.01. (All hallows' day)
9. 2019.11.08. Márffy, Sinkó
10. 2019.11.15.
11. 2019.11.22. Abishev, Kenda
12. 2011.11.29. (Open university)
13. 2018.12.06. Chargaoui
13a. 2018.12.07. (reserved)
14. 2018.12.13. (reserved)


Nothing yet.